I am Liv and I can implement your sustainable product roadmap.

Product Owner since 2012

Product Owner

Since 2012 I have been helping over 60 companies with their eCommerce, digital products, and improvement of their online presence.

  • During my years at Kumpany I managed projects for more than 10 eCommerce start- and scale ups.
  • At Nike, working through Capgemini, I was a Product Manager within Order Management and Fulfilment.
  • Currently I am a Product Owner at Fenix Outdoor. I greatly enjoy working for sustainability focused premium outdoor brands like Fjällräven and Naturkompaniet (#1 Brand Sustainability Index).


In 2016 I decided to focus my efforts towards sustainability, motivated by a desire to contribute solutions to the climate change challenges we are facing. This has resulted in a determination to help speed up the energy transition and create more efficiency within the tight timeframe of climate change.

  • Focused on sustainability projects for clients and within companies.
  • Joined Duurzaam Thuis, providing sustainability advise around your home


My strengths are my overview in hectic environments and my decisiveness. I listen carefully to what is needed and from there provide quick, comprehensive, and custom hands-on problem solving solutions.


Over the past years I built my skills and stretched my comfort zone by studying and working in several countries, such as: Sweden, China, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and in The Netherlands where my roots are. I greatly enjoy cycling trips abroad. In 2014 I co-organised a 12,500 km cycling trip from Istanbul to Beijing where participants studied at 8 universities along the way. In my free time I have cycled in South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Colombia.

My story

My name is Liv, Swedish for ‘Life’ which is a great summary. I enjoy the outdoors, cycling, cooking, ‘creating something from nothing’, and my family. Over the last decade I have focused on sustainability and would love to help you out. Reach out if you need an experienced Product Owner, Product Manager or IT Project Manager to implement your sustainable product roadmap.


Over the years I have started multiple eCommerce companies, assisted clients with their website development, and worked for Start ups, Scale ups, and multinationals. I help identify what is needed, make a plan, and implement it using methods such as Waterfall, Agile, Scrum. As a result I have seen the entire process from creation of companies, design, architecture, until implementation, integration, and conversion optimisation through A/B testing.

Duurzaam Thuis

I joined this sustainability company in 2017 as Product Owner. Based on our impact score at, we provide the most sustainable solutions around your home, for the lowest price.

  • Website redesign
  • eCommerce
  • Automations
  • Google Web Vitals
  • GTM
  • Offer forms
  • Price comparisons

Fenix Outdoor

Within the sustainability focused Fenix Outdoor umbrella, as Product Owner I'm implementing the backlog for Naturkompaniet Norway (#1 Brand Sustainability Index) with multiple development teams.

  • From monolith eCommerce to Microservices-based - API-first - Cloud-native SaaS - Headless architecture (MACH). Improving load time, reducing CO2.
  • Set the platform foundation for future market and brand rollouts such as Globetrotter and Fjällräven with services such as 'greener choice', local pickup, efficient carrier network, reducing CO2.


I was looking for a globally acknowledged position at a global brand that doesn't require any explanation. That worked at really well as I became Product Manager at Nike. Here I focused on order management and fulfilment for the eCommerce site.

  • Delivery Date calculation platform, reducing returns and CO2.
  • Onboarding local shipping carriers, increasing efficiency, reducing CO2.
  • Implementing 25.000 pickup points across EMEA, lowering CO2 emissions for last mile by 80%.

Other projects

Co-organising a cycling expedition called The Study Road. Cycling 12.500 km from Istanbul to Beijing, passing 8 universities along the way.

– Project Management –

Based in Uganda I have revamped the website for SolarNow together with the team. SolarNow provides a clear and easy way for local businesses to purchase or loan solar energy.

– Web development, business process improvements –

In order to persuade people to travel by bicycle instead of their car, Fietsaccuwinkel supplies batteries prolonging ebike life.

– Web development, business process improvements –

For, the daughter company of T-Mobile (Odido), I have managed re-platforming the eCommerce website.

– Product Management, IT Project Management –

For Kumpany, based in Amsterdam, I have started and scaled multiple eCommerce companies. Examples:,,,,,,,,,

– Product Management, IT Project Management –

For the initiative from ABN AMRO, called Impact Accelerator I have developed a survey tool.

– Web development –

For the global catering company Sodexo, I have been implementing a voucher programme for university students in The Netherlands.

– IT Project Management –

For Mind of your own and My time creator I have developed eLearning platforms. 

– Web development – 

I’ve created websites for many local entrepreneurs such as:,,,,, etc.

– Web development –